About Us

Upon completing my Early Childhood teaching degree, Joyful Kidz Daycare came into existence. Our journey started as an in-home family childcare in 2004, and in 2008, we relocated to the picturesque land of 10,000 lakes, Minnesota. Despite the challenges of 2020, marked by a global pandemic, we navigated the year with the initial motto, "The Adventure Awaits!" Little did we know what an extraordinary journey awaited us.

Amidst the uncertainties, we made the difficult decision to close our daycare doors in the fall, a choice tinged with sadness as we cherished the memories. However, we firmly believe that God's guiding hands were at play, both opening and closing doors for us. Following numerous prayers, we sensed a calling to merge our love for Little People with the realm of Imaginary Play.

Consequently, Joyful Kidz Daycare underwent a transformative "rebranding" to become Joyful Kidz @ PLAY! This transition is a collective family effort, and together we embody the spirit of Joyful Kidz @ PLAY.

Now, our focus extends beyond daycare services. We take pride in offering imagination-building kits and supplies for the little ones in the lives of providers, teachers, therapists, and parents. Through Joyful Kidz @ PLAY, we aim to gift others the invaluable present of time, fostering creativity and joy in the world of children.